Chrysler Designers Carve Next Segment Buster

Diskutiere Chrysler Designers Carve Next Segment Buster im Mercedes-Benz Studien und Concept Cars Forum im Bereich Mercedes-Benz; Chrysler "Pacifica" - Chrysler Designers Carve Next Segment Buster DETROIT, Jan. 6 -- After designing the segment-busting Chrysler PT Cruiser,...

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    Chrysler "Pacifica" - Chrysler Designers Carve Next Segment Buster

    DETROIT, Jan. 6 -- After designing the segment-busting Chrysler PT Cruiser, Chrysler designers aimed their sketch pads at the premium end of the brand's lineup to design the next big thing. Their efforts resulted in the 2002 Chrysler Pacifica concept vehicle.
    "Our objective was to design an all-new vehicle that was unlike any other in the marketplace," said Trevor M. Creed, Senior Vice President, Design, Chrysler Group. "We wanted to come up with the next big thing for our Chrysler buyers -- a vehicle that didn't conform to the traditional proportions of a car, sport-utility vehicle or minivan, yet featured their best attributes. With the Chrysler Pacifica concept, we're further building upon the cachet of the Chrysler brand while expanding its offerings."
    Exterior: Handsome Protector
    "The Chrysler Pacifica's exterior appearance is solid, confident and handsome -- a look that promises to get you safely there and back," said Creed.
    Chrysler Pacifica's "face" is protective and distinguished. The grille bears a new rendition of Chrysler's chrome winged badge. The front bumper features integrated bright satin silver accents and an offset that hints at the strength underneath. A distinctive, tailored center peak line graces the hood. Large, uniquely-shaped headlamps and fog lamps with projector low-beams and complex parabola high-beams illuminate the road ahead.
    Pacifica's solid, sleek shape continues in the side profile which emphasizes massive 19-inch satin silver aluminum wheels that are flush with the body. The beltline is highlighted by a satin silver molding that begins at the base of the windshield and continues to the tail light which gives the Chrysler Pacifica concept a low, planted stance. A crisp, distinctive character line begins at the front wheel opening and ramps up slowly toward the rear to emphasize the beltline and lends to the vehicle's broad-shouldered stance. Overall, the side view demonstrates a unique new proportion of glass to sheet metal which Chrysler designers feel is the coming trend.
    The rear view of the Chrysler Pacifica is very distinctive with its integrated black spoiler, which extends the roofline and enhances the aerodynamics and houses a full-width center mounted brake light. Similar to the front of Pacifica, a substantial bumper offset is enhanced by satin silver accents integrated into the top corners, providing an elegant yet solid, tailored appearance.
    Interior: Driver Oriented, First Class
    "The interior is a clean, sculptured, precise execution with an emphasis on high-quality," said Creed. "Regardless of whether you're in the front- or second-row seats, you will have the feeling that you're sitting in something special. Our objective was to give first- and second-row occupants the feeling of traveling first class. With Chrysler Pacifica, second row doesn't mean second class."
    The first class experience is established immediately upon opening either front or rear doors which feature solenoid operated door handles. While SUVs require occupants to step up into the vehicle and most cars require a step-down, step-in height to Chrysler Pacifica is just right. In addition, the chair-height seating for both first- and second-row seats provides occupants a strong sense of security and command-of-the-road.
    One of the Chrysler Pacifica concept's most distinguishing features is a glass skylight that runs the full length of the roof. The skylight creates an open, welcome feel inside while giving passengers a panoramic view to the outside world.
    The Chrysler Pacifica's driver-oriented interior instrument panel is enhanced with dynamic lines, accelerating curves and robust surfaces. The ignition switch is conveniently located on the instrument panel, which is designed with precise flush-fitted surfaces and features satin silver accents which complete the vehicle's high quality appearance. A wood accent is used on the instrument panel and continues on the top of the doors into the second-row seating area. The shifter knob and auto transmission bezel uses the same wood and satin silver accents.
    The instrument cluster features an integrated navigation system. The technology is referred to as "thin film transfer display," that makes viewing navigation information as easy as viewing the speedometer. Navigation controls are flush, easy to reach and conveniently located on the instrument panel to the right of the cluster.
    All seating is trimmed in leather. Power controls, which include the usual seat adjustments, are conveniently located on the door panel where the driver and passenger may adjust memory seats, lumbar support, thigh support, adjustable pedals or heated seats. For ultimate comfort, second-row heated seats offer passengers the convenience and comfort of captain's chairs. In addition, Chrysler Pacifica features a continuous, full length center console complete with dual cup holders, storage area and adjustable air outlets. A flip-down roof-mounted DVD screen is available to rear seat occupants and a theater-style surround sound audio system comes complete with eight Infinity(R) speakers bringing movies and songs to life.
    "As with all of our concept cars, our goal will be to capture the pure emotion and spirit of the Chrysler Pacifica in the production version of the car which will be unveiled later this year," said Creed.

    Preliminary Specifications for 2002 Chrysler Pacifica concept vehicle:
    Wheelbase: 116.3 inches
    Overall length: 198.8 inches
    Overall width (max): 78.7 inches
    Overall height: 66.5 inches
    Front overhang: 36.0 inches
    Rear overhang: 42.5 inches
    Front track: 66.0 inches
    Rear track: 66.0 inches
    Powertrain: 3.5-liter V6
    Transmission: All Wheel Drive
    Front: Multi-link, independent
    Rear: MacPherson, independent
    Wheels: 19-inch
    Tires: Michelin 255/50R19
    Exterior color: Satin Jade
    Interior: Two-tone Jade Spinneybeck
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Chrysler Designers Carve Next Segment Buster

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