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    Preview: 2003 Chrysler Pacifica
    All in the Mix
    By Warren Clarke

    Chrysler has a history of whipping up rides that defy categorization. Its 1983 minivan inspired the segment whose vehicles have risen to become the official mode of transportation for harried moms and their offspring. And its PT Cruiser, introduced as a 2001 model, blurred segment lines (hot rod? station wagon? small van? mini-SUV? a little bit of all of these, actually) to carve its own singular niche.

    So it's hardly surprising that the manufacturer has concocted yet another vehicle whose individuality makes it difficult to label; Chrysler's Pacifica concept stirs in elements of sport wagons, minivans and SUVs to cook up a hauler that's truly in a class of its own. Egged on, no doubt, by the mammoth success of the nothing-if-not-original Cruiser, Chrysler recently announced plans to bring the Pacifica concept to production. The production version of the Pacifica will be nearly identical to the concept that was unveiled in January 2002 at the North American International Auto Show.

    The Pacifica's sheetmetal is solid-looking and imposing. In front, the car's heritage is announced via a spanking-new rendition of Chrysler's chrome-winged badge gracing its grille (overall, the Pacifica's snout is a more muscular version than its sibling's, the 300M). Satin silver molding highlights its beltline. In back, the car boasts an integrated black spoiler that extends its roofline in a subtle, aerodynamic way. Nineteen-inch wheels dressed in meaty 255/50 Michelin tires add heft to the vehicle's stature.

    Inside, a glass skylight spans the entire length of the Pacifica's roof. Wood and satin silver accents state unmistakably that, yes, this is high-end transportation. An integrated navigation system is contained in the car's instrument cluster; rear-seat passengers benefit from a flip-down roof-mounted DVD screen. Other helpful features include power adjustable pedals, a tire-monitoring system, a hands-free cellular phone, a power liftgate, dual-zone automatic climate control with odor-particulate filtration, satellite radio and Infinity surround-sound audio.

    The Pacifica's versatile layout features three rows of seats (naturally, they're leather-trimmed and, as an added bonus, both the front and second-row seats are heated); second- and third-row seats fold down to allow maximum room for cargo-hauling, should the need arise. All three rows of seats boast side-curtain airbags.

    Powering the Pacifica is the 300M's 250-horsepower 3.5-liter V6; the vehicle comes outfitted with a four-speed automatic tranny that allows drivers to indulge in manual-style shifting. Buyers may choose between front- and all-wheel-drive configurations. Chrysler claims that the vehicle was created to feature a low center of gravity, which, it says, graces the Pacifica with car-like handling.

    As would be expected, Chrysler is all but bursting with pride and high hopes regarding its latest progeny. "Chrysler Pacifica will be to the $25,000-plus market what the PT Cruiser is the $25,000-minus market — while PT Cruiser is too cool to classify, Chrysler Pacifica is simply cool and classy," opines Tom Marinelli, vice president, Chrysler/Jeep Global Brand Center. With its stylish looks and highly functional mixed-breed profile, the Pacifica could very well deliver on the manufacturer's expectations.

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Chrysler Pacifica (CS)

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