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S211 200 K-T '04
Sorry for writing in English and not in German. (Please be free to answere in either language). I do have S211 with COMAND and the fixed telephone. When I enter telephone numbers via the COMAND address book, the name will never be displayed when there is an incoming call. Only the number. This is the same if I enter the numbers like +49 XX XX XX or XXXXXX. The only way to have the name displayed is if I enter them via the handset. But then it is not possible to use the +XX international prefix. Is this a known error, or is it only my car??
Are the numbers saved on your SIM Card or on the telephon?

They are saved in the telephone. Since the SIM card doesn't give you the option to save more then one number per name, I use the telephone. Numbers saved in SIM will have an icon in front of the name to indicate that it's stored in the SIM. I have not tested if it will work if the number is saved in SIM. I will test that tomorrow. But I really hope it will work from the telephone as well :(
Ups! You save numbers in the phone in the manner Name has number 1 for business and number 2 for private and number 3 for mobile? If so there is a problem as far as i know. Try to dial a number by selecting the name from the comand. You will not be able to dial any other number than the first one presented by the phone for each contact. You simply will not see others but one number per contact. That making me think if you have an incoming call with a number not presently accessable through comand it will be shown as a number not the name. I helped myself by creating a separate entry for each contac and each number of the contact. So my phoneadressbook shows terry, terry p, or terry m (for business, private and mobile) and that is presented with the name not the number.

another ups. I overlooked you have the fixed phone. My above explanation goes for a nokia 6310i or simular as a phone in connection with comand. But perhaps it is the same for the fix phones

You're right. I think there is a difference when it comes to the type of phone installed. When I activate the addressbook from the Telephone-menu in the COMAND, I can select a name and then get a submenu that ask me to select Privat - Work - Mobile Number. No problem with that. I can also use the Linguatronic to select from the above mentioned sub-menu.

But I do have 300 names in my COMAND address book (I did transfere the contacts from my Ipaq via Bluetooth). But most names have 3 numbers. That means 900 entries if I use your method, and way above the SIM limit.
I know. It really p*d me off that the comand seems not to be able to get numbers from the telephone as they are presented. Unfortunately the comand without a fixed phone seem not to have a blutooth so that I could use the ipaq tranfer as well. I have no choice to get contacts into comand but type them in. Not very satisfying as you can think. So the my "split entry" approach seemd the best possible for me - especially as it could be done using my pc. Unfortunately I encounterd the same problem you mentioned - I have to stick with the 500 most important numbers.
I could live with 500 numbers, but the SIM card that we use here in Norway only have room for 150 numbers. That means 50 contacts. I have addressed this problem to MB in Norway, but again I find that their knowledge is far under pari. To get my WAP activated via COMAND, I found a name to a guy in DC Germany on the Internet. He gave me all details needed, as the Norwegian MB didn't have a clue what I was talking about.

But now I want the wap to be visible when on the move, but also that will be blacked out (like the DVD and TV) above 5 km/h. SMS messages though will be presented on the screen independent of speed.
That come from not having to use the sim card as a storing medium when accessing comand via a mobile. If I use the sim instead, which is possible as well I have only 100 contacts available with just one number per contact (thats vodafone in germany). And I´m aware of having the ability to read sms at 240 km/h but beeing unable to keep the kiddies quite by showing them a cartoon (either dvd or tv) while cruising at just 100 km/h.

Some things are still just ununderstandable for me at DC.
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