Jeep(R) Historical Display Opens at Walter P. Chrysler Museum

Diskutiere Jeep(R) Historical Display Opens at Walter P. Chrysler Museum im Smalltalk Forum im Bereich Allgemeines; AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Oct. 2 -- The Chrysler Group announces the opening of "The Mighty Jeep(R): A Legend Turns 60" exhibit at the Walter P....

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    AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Oct. 2 -- The Chrysler Group announces
    the opening of "The Mighty Jeep(R): A Legend Turns 60" exhibit at the Walter
    P. Chrysler Museum, commemorating six decades of unrivaled Jeep 4x4
    leadership, innovation and success. First opening to the public on October
    2nd, this five-month display is comprised of historical vehicles, vintage Jeep
    brand collectibles and a sampling of books through the decades.
    "Time after time Jeep vehicles have defined the sport-utility segment with
    industry firsts, yet however innovative the technology, the legendary Jeep
    brand never wavers from its roots of authentic four-wheel drive capability and
    exceptional on-road performance," said Bernard Robertson, Senior Vice
    President, Engineering Technologies and Regulatory Affairs and Chairman of the
    Walter P. Chrysler Museum Board. "The Walter P. Chrysler Museum display
    features six decades of Jeep vehicles and collectibles, providing the public a
    wonderful opportunity to see the making of the Jeep legend."
    With planning beginning early last year, this special exhibit includes 26
    historical Jeep vehicles, Jeep toys and novelties and display boards with Jeep
    advertisements, cartoons and famous Jeep owners. The toys and novelties have
    origins from around the world, with a stainless steel cigarette box and
    lighter in the shape of a Jeep vehicle from Germany and a Dinky die cast toy
    Commando Jeep from England. Books including the 1944 children's story "The
    Little Jeep" by Peggy Griffin Ayers and "Jerry the Jeep" by Edith Thacher Hurd
    are also on display. The progression of Jeep slogans from the 1940s "The Sun
    Never Sets On The Mighty Jeep" to the current "Jeep, There's Only One," will
    hang from the ceiling.
    This collection of 25 historical Jeep vehicles includes representation
    from the very beginning of the Jeep brand with the Willys MB and CJ-2A. The
    Jeep brand began its journey on July 23, 1941, when Willys-Overland of Toledo,
    Ohio, landed a contract with the United States Army to produce the Willys MB
    during World War II. The first civilian Jeep vehicle, the versatile CJ-2A,
    was introduced in 1945. Priced at $1,090, it offered luxury features like a
    tailgate and automatic windshield wipers.
    A number of other vehicles representing industry firsts are also on
    display. A 1949 Jeep All-Steel Station Wagon, first introduced in 1946, was
    the industry's first all-steel station wagon. From the 1960s, a 1969 J series
    Gladiator pickup is an example of the J series Jeep vehicles that were the
    first in the automotive industry to offer the combination of four-wheel drive
    and an automatic transmission. A 1977 Wagoneer, first presented in 1973,
    introduced another Jeep exclusive: Quadra Trac(R), the first completely
    automatic full-time four-wheel-drive system. A 1984 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) is
    part of the exhibition as the model that started the compact SUV boom. It was
    the only compact unitized construction SUV with four doors and a choice of
    shift-on-the-fly Command Trac(R) or Selec Trac(R) four-wheel-drive systems.
    Originally planned to replace the Cherokee, Jeep once again established
    itself as a benchmark for the industry with the introduction of the Jeep Grand
    Cherokee for 1992. The 1991 Concept 1, the predecessor to the Jeep Grand
    Cherokee, is on display as part of this special collection.
    Six decades worth of innovative technologies, continuous refinement and a
    solid reputation have made the Jeep brand the most widely known and respected,
    go-anywhere, do-anything name in the entire sport-utility vehicle market.
    As more automakers add sport-utility vehicles to their product lines, Jeep
    stands out as the only U.S. brand that has been producing four-wheel drive
    vehicles for 60 years.
    Be it a compact, mid-sized or luxury sport-utility vehicle, the Jeep
    brand's focus is to provide a trademark design, hallmark ruggedness and
    capability, and a new level of refinement.
    The Walter P. Chrysler Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from
    10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. Parking is free and
    available on site. General admission is $6, senior citizens (62 and over),
    children (6-12) are $3, DaimlerChrysler employees and retirees and children
    five and under are free. School groups and tour buses are welcome. Special
    rates are available. Please call 888-456-1924 or visit for more information.
    The Walter P. Chrysler Museum opened to the public October 5, 1999 and is
    the only full-fledged museum maintained by an active North American auto
    manufacturer. The tri-level building covers approximately 55,000 square feet
    and rests on 10 acres at the southeast edge of DaimlerChrysler's North
    American headquarters in Auburn Hills, Mich. Along with showcasing 65
    vehicles that illustrate the American heritage of DaimlerChrysler, the Museum
    educates and engages visitors with interactive exhibits and displays that
    bring life to the automaker's rich history.

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Jeep(R) Historical Display Opens at Walter P. Chrysler Museum

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